The world’s leading Buyeyko Technique and Breathing Education program.


Specialising in breathing education and re-education for families, groups and organizations.


Teaching asthmatic children and adults to breathe freely


Maximising oxygen uptake to Improve athletic performance.


Increasing mindfulness by Reducing or eliminating snoring and sleep disorders.


Improving your immune system and Developing lasting protection against allergies and seasonal hayfever.


Delivering flexible breathing education programs to your door, via Skype.


You may have tried breathing exercises before and they did nothing to help you. I did too, but this approach is very different. This is about learning to Breathe Optimally for Health & Fitness.

  • Would you like to improve your fitness and sporting performance?

  • Would you like to improve your mindfulness and concentration?

Many hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Western World successfully applied The Buteyko Breathing Method to cure or relieve breathing related problems and symptoms including those listed above without the use of drugs, medicine or invasive procedures: Many Elite Athletes are now also turning to this breathing method to gain a competitive edge.


Delivering flexible breathing education programs to your door, via Skype.


I have always enjoyed my sports especially surfing, snowboarding, swimming and sailing.  At the same time working in a busy and at times stressful business environment, always driving myself to the limit.  More recently I made a life change, and for the last 15 years I have been working with disadvantaged and people with disabilities.

What is Buteyko?

Named after Russian Dr Konstantin Buteyko[IG1] , the Buteyko Method consists of a series of breathing exercises and guidelines specifically designed to reduce over-breathing. Bringing our breathing volume towards normal levels results in the drastic reduction of common breathing-related issues and brings many additional health benefits such as easy weight loss, greater energy and better sleep.

International Academy of Breathing & Health

Benefits of membership


My husband, son and I all have asthma and we took the usual asthma medicine such as Ventolin and Seretide. My 6 year old son and myself used to take asthma maintenance medicine everyday!

I can’t believe It has been nearly 3 years since I went to your classes. I continue to use your breathing techniques to this day.

I used to suffer from a sore throat from sleeping, as I am a mouth breather.

However your simple hint of taping my mouth shut has forced me to breathe through my nose and I wake with no throat issues.

I am also continuing with other small helpful breathing techniques.