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Hi my name is Ian Gill -Vallance and I am a registered Buteyko Breathing Therapist Here in Australia.

This is the first of a number of blog’s that will tell the story of what I do.

I will be sharing Video testimonials and insights into the Buteyko method and I am very keen to share my personal and professional success with reducing or eliminating the symptoms of Asthma.

My personal experience lead me to discover the benefits of Buteyko Breathing therapy.

It was so successful in my situation that I then became a qualified practitioner, and have enjoyed helping many asthma sufferers achieve similar results.

I would love to help you too and invite you to visit my Facebook page and website for more information.

My personal situation developed, or became chronic, with a very serious onset of symptoms, somewhat late in life.

I have always been an athlete and active sportsperson, especially surfing, swimming, mountain biking, sailing and snowboarding.  The onset of my asthma symptoms came as surprise and was quite sudden, with frightening and somewhat life threatening implications.

In the beginning, I and others around me starting noticing that I was almost always short of breath, something I had not experienced previously.  In fact I was accustomed to being extremely aerobically fit.

Not long after this I was out surfing in winter, as I usually do and suddenly, I could not breathe.   The more I tried the worse it became.

I was about 600 metres from the shore surfing an outside reef break, with only one other person at the time.

And as you can imagine, it quickly became a life threatening situation.

Fortunately the other person calmed me down and assisted me to shore, where quite luckily for me he had a ventolin pump.

This incident lead me to seek answers and it was not long before a specialist examined me and proclaimed that I had emphysema!!

This was impossible to me, as I do not and did not smoke and lead an extremely healthy lifestyle.

Finally I was referred to another specialist who diagnosed me with a rare form of Asthma.

My breathing was restricted on both outward and inward breaths, not usual in most cases of Asthma. This was a relief, at least I now no longer faced a future carrying around a cylinder with a tube up my nose.

However, as many of you who also suffer the terrible symptoms of Asthma know, the consequences were far from acceptable or palatable either.

Daily doses of the highest level of steroids, with minimum three times a day Bricnol Sprays and more if the attacks persisted, was the future for me.

I chose not to accept this and went on a research mission, trying many alternatives along the way.

Quite out of the blue, a friend suggested I should look into Buteyko.

I thought what the heck, I have nothing to lose.

I found a class with 5 sessions spread once a week over 5 weeks.  This was 15 years ago.

Within 6 weeks I began to see improvement and within 3 months I was using very little medication at all.  After 6 months I no longer had attacks and have not used medication since.

I am back to being very aerobically and physically fit.  I still, surf all year, snowboard, ride mountain bikes and workout in the gym regularly.

All free from the symptoms of Asthma.  My allergies are pretty much totally nonexistent now, and terrible post nasal drip syndrome is gone as well.

Please note I do not recommend ever stopping your medication without prior approval from your dr.

I made the decision to become a practitioner after I had referred quite a few friends to Buteyko over a number of years and some had difficulty finding a suitable class.

My choice of instructors and mentors was based on finding the best trainer.  To me it was Patrick McKeown.

He has trained under Dr Konstantien Buteyko himself and worked in his practice as well.  I travelled overseas to study and after graduating, Patrick gave me the rights to ButeykoClinic.com.au

Something I am very proud of and I feel a great responsibility to ensure that I share my experience in a very affordable accessible manner, as Dr Buteyko himself wanted.

So, welcome and thank you for taking the time to watch the first of many video and updates.

And don’t forget I am here to help you in whatever way I can.

If you have any queries or suggestions, or if you would like to discuss how the Buteyko method could help you or one of your family with Asthma related illness, just email me on the email link, or message me on Facebook.

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